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Ross was not only helpful in providing useful practical information when we were researching long term care insurance, but also throughout the decades that followed, was always responsive when we need updated information regarding our policy. He has always been willing to spend the time with us explaining in detail how to fully access the benefits. Ross does not hesitate to share “real life” anecdotes to help clarify how the relationship between the long term care insurance and the complex health care system works.

Rabbi Paul and Rita MenitoffFlorida

About fifteen years ago, my wife, Myra and I had the distinct pleasure of being connected to Ross Perloe of Perloe Financial via the Central Conference of Reform Rabbis (CCAR) in order to learn more about long-term care insurance. This connection has proven to lead us to one of the most wise and vital decisions we have made regarding our healthcare for the future. It is thanks to the professionalism and expert knowledge of Ross Perloe, that we purchased our long-term care policies, at a time when we never dreamed we would need them. They have turned out to be invaluable.

At the time we met with Ross, we were in good health—not struggling with any issues; despite the fact that Myra had thankfully survived pancreatic cancer previously. During our discussion he explained that because we were in good health it would be far easier to obtain long-term care insurance. He listened to our needs and goals carefully, always followed up, and allowed us to make an informed decision.

I recall jovially saying to Ross in appreciation for all he did to advise us and make this decision such a smooth process, and since we were in good health, “let’s meet in thirty or forty years, and he could buy us a drink to celebrate the fact that we bought policies from him that we never had to use.”

Well, life always has some unexpected twists and turns, and since that time, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and Myra was successfully treated for ovarian cancer. However, we feel we owe Ross that drink to toast the fact that thankfully due to his guidance, we had these policies when we both so very much unexpectedly needed them. I do not know how we would have managed had Ross not appeared in our lives, providing us with the pertinent details that enabled us to make one of the best decisions for our future.

These policies have provided us with exemplary, affordable in-home care when each of us has needed qualified professionals to assist us in a variety of daily living and medical necessities.

We are now able to enjoy our retirement as we continue to receive the care we require. Although these conditions we each were dealt with were unexpected; we are grateful for having had the fortitude to follow Ross Perloe’s professional recommendations on long-term care policies, as we now can rest assured we are covered properly.

Myra and I highly recommend and endorse him and his company to anyone who is interested in learning more about his services. He is the consummate professional, personable, experienced and compassionate. We can’t thank him enough.

Merle E. SingerBoca Raton, FL